October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Each day, 43 women are diagnosed with breast cancer –Mater and RACQ are helping to make sure they aren’t going it alone.

Breast cancer is fast becoming the most-commonly diagnosed form of cancer and has already claimed more than 3000 Australian lives this year.

The Cancer Council Australia estimates 18,235 new breast cancer diagnoses by the end of 2018.

Mater Research, based in Brisbane has been working towards reducing these numbers through research projects aimed towards finding improved ways to diagnose, treat and ultimately prevent breast cancer.

“Mater has a reputation as a Centre for Excellence in breast cancer treatment, so we would expect to see more patients in the years to come,” Mater Cancer Care Centre Medical Director Janet Hardy said.

The research wouldn’t be possible without the support of Mater Foundation which raises funds year-round, although October is especially important being Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Proceeds from Mater’s fundraising efforts support initiatives like Mater Chicks in Pink and Mater Research. Through Mater Chicks in Pink, patients can receive personalised practical support in the form of yoga, counselling and mastectomy bras; services that provide both emotional and financial support to women going through breast cancer treatment.   

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is the perfect opportunity to do your part and raise funds for women with breast cancer through Mater Chicks in Pink. You can be as creative as you’d like with your fundraising; host a brunch at home or in your workplace, arrange a pink dress day or even create your own fundraising event.

The RACQ International Women’s Day Fun Run (IWDFR) is one of the Mater’s largest fundraising initiatives with more than $700,000 raised in 2018, $402,622 raised by RACQ members to help fund vital research at Mater into the causes and treatment of breast cancer, as well as provide practical support services for women going through treatment. 

This year 7,155 RACQ members participated in the 2018 fun run, 54% of the 13,250 participants.

The 2019 run will take place on Sunday 3 March, but organisers are already lining up support during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

RACQ is a proud partner with Mater as major sponsor of the RACQ International Women’s Day Fun Run.