Brisbane Tool Library

Need a drill? Don’t buy when you can borrow.

The Brisbane Tool Library is giving people who dabble in DIY home improvements, but don’t want to buy items they might only use once, the ability to borrow the equipment they need.

Brisbane Tool Library founder Sabrina Chakori said for an annual $75 fee, members can borrow more than 500 items including hand and power tools, camping equipment, kitchen appliances and sporting equipment.

"All our items can be found on our website and the inventory keeps growing thanks to the donations received from the community and from some local businesses,” Ms Chakori said.

"Not everyone needs to own a lawnmower or a whipper snipper, so sharing resources just makes sense."

Popular items to borrow include electric hedge trimmers, which can retail for more than $200, and a top-brand 10-person tent which would set buyers back $500. 

With the goal of sharing skills, Brisbane Tool Library also offers a wide range of workshops including DIY beeswax wraps, recycling timber woodwork and bike repair skills. 
For information on membership and upcoming workshops visit