Can you charge an electric vehicle in your home?

Your EV charging questions answered at RACQ MotorFest.

Whether you’re considering purchasing an electric vehicle, or just want to know a bit more about the technology, look no further than the Future Zone at RACQ MotorFest on Sunday 13 June.

Among the stalls supplying information about the future of mobility in Australia is Smart Grid Solutions, a company involved in many aspects of EV technology, including the supply of residential, commercial and DC fast chargers via their EV Hub business and Smart Charge, their back-end payment management software for public chargers.

Smart Grid Solutions Managing Director Paul Guy said his team would be at MotorFest to answer any questions about electric vehicle charging technologies.

“A lot of people are still trying to get their head around electric vehicles and how they would set themselves up for it,” Mr Guy said.

“It’s a complex space and most people want to know whether they have the electrical capacity to be able to add EV charging to their current premises, whether that’s residential or commercial.

“We’re happy to chat to people, whatever their level of understanding is, to help them understand the technology and work out how to add an EV charger to their premises.”

Mr Guy said keeping up with technology was important for Australia.

“The green economy is the way the world is going,” he said.

“A number of countries have effectively said that they won’t sell fossil fuel vehicles after 2030 and vehicle manufacturers including Volvo, General Motors, Jaguar and Volkswagen have said they’re not going to make petrol cars after 2026.

"The world is heading that way, EV adoption is inevitable.”

Mr Guy said meeting the electric vehicle manufacturers the Future Zone and talking through the components of EVs, such as how, when and where to charge, would help to alleviate concerns about the technology.

“It’s just about getting your head around it and making some slight changes, such as not waiting until the tank is empty, and becoming comfortable with the idea,” he said.

“A lot of concern comes from not understanding – new adopters feel they’re going to run out of power, or there won’t be a charging station close by, or they’re not going to be able to tow the boat – but it’s not accurate and we‘re happy to talk to people to show them that EV technology is something that’s enjoyable and good for everybody.
“There are a lot of exciting things that are coming.”

RACQ MotorFest will be held on 13 June at RNA Showgrounds.