Canine celebrity

Hollywood actress, Isabel Moner, adopted a three-legged staffy from the Gold Coast AWLQ shelter.

Hollywood actress Isabela Moner recently adopted a three-legged staffy from the Gold Coast Animal Welfare League Queensland (AWLQ) shelter while filming her latest role playing Dora in the Dora the Explorer movie.

Also known for her role as Lizzy in Instant Family, the young actress fell in love with three-year-old Pluto, who had been surrendered to the shelter with an injury to his back-leg. The injury was so severe that his leg had to be amputated.

Pluto spent three months in recovery with a foster career before returning to the Gold Coast Animal Rehoming Centre, where he was soon adopted by Isabela.

Due to his condition, Isabela moved out of the hotel where the cast was staying and into a home so she could have him with her while she was filming on the Gold Coast.

Pluto has now been shipped to their family home in Ohio in the United States.

“When we land, he will be staying in a five-star hotel in Miami,” Isabela said.

“This dude is getting the best treatment.

“With two brothers who love exercising and my dad who loves swimming, there will be no shortage of exercise for Pluto.”

Since adopting Pluto, Isabela has become an ambassador for AWLQ.

“I’m super excited about being an ambassador for AWLQ as it’s such a great cause,” Isabela said.

“There is no greater gift to a shelter animal than a loving home.

“When you donate to or adopt a pet through AWLQ, you are supporting an organisation that re-homes and cares for thousands of strays, surrendered and abandoned animals each year.

“I look forward to utilising my profile and experience of adopting Pluto from AWLQ to encourage others to do the same and also assist them generate some much-needed funds.”

As a proud supporter of AWLQ, RACQ is offering member three months’ free pet insurance when they either adopt a pet or become a customer of an AWLQ vet clinic.