Win a $250,000 adventure prize package! Choose a boat or caravan plus a Ford Ranger FX MAX.

Sponsored content: Take adventure to the next level with these incredible prize packages from Mater Cars for Cancer.

You have the chance to win the new Ford Ranger FX4 MAX plus the choice between two incredible prize packages to go with it! 

Choose to take to the open road and explore Australia in your Jayco Outback Expanda caravan plus $100,000 in cashable gold bullion.

Or, if cruising the big blue is more your style, you could choose to take home a Bar Crusher boat plus $95,000 in cashable gold bullion.

Travel the land or explore the sea? Whichever you choose, first prize is worth over $250,000!




Do you love the great outdoors, long for the open road, or crave adventure off the beaten track? 

Then the land prize package is for you.

Choose to pair the Ford Ranger FX4 MAX with the Jayco Outback Expanda caravan and enjoy your home away from home.

The Expanda comes with all of the creature comforts and luxury touches you need, plus the $100,000 in cashable gold bullion is the perfect addition to fund your next adventure.

Do you love the sound of the ocean and the serenity of the sea? 

Then the sea package is for you.

Pair the Ford Ranger FX4 MAX with a Bar Crusher 615BR plus trailer and enjoy the power and versality for both relaxing, fishing and adrenaline-pumping water sports.

And don’t forget, there’s $95,000 in cashable gold bullion to fund any adventure you can imagine.

So, which would you choose?

Tickets are limited. All sales help drive vital cancer research at Mater in Queensland. The next winner could be you! 




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