Choosing the right car colour

Picking a colour can be one of the more exciting decisions to make when buying a car.

The choice, however, is not an easy one, and every buyer has their own unique method – whether it be picking your favourite colour, choosing a common shade for a better resale value, or picking a bright colour to be more noticeable on the road.

The choices are tough, but do they actually make difference? Simply put, yes.

RACQ’s Principal Road Safety Advisor Joel Tucker said that being visible was a key consideration for choosing a safer car.

“Bright vehicle colours that contrast against the vehicle’s surroundings and make the vehicle more visible are viewed to be ‘safer’ colours,” he said.

Silver sports car parked

“There have been some studies done over the years on the most visible colours under common driving conditions and it should come as no surprise that fluoro or ‘high visibility’ orange is right up there.

“White is also viewed as a strong performer in all conditions and is a popular, more conservative choice.”

In terms of resale value, it is widely believed that neutral colours will best retain value.

“Neutral colours like white and silver are popular because they have they generally have the most widespread appeal and don’t date the car as much, meaning they might give you better resale value or a quicker used car sale” he said.

But in terms of visibility daytime running lamps (DRLs) can also provide some contrast to the vehicle’s body and to the road environment.

Images by Exclusive Wraps.