C'mon Aussie c'mon

Get ready to celebrate being an Aussie this long weekend with these Australia Day activities.

The chant of “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oi, oi, oi” will echo across events this Australia Day long weekend as Queenslanders gather to celebrate the nation.

Australia Day, on 26 January, will feature a huge line up of activities including concerts, beach parties, parades and award ceremonies to commemorate our history and celebrate our diversity.

If you’re planning to enjoy the public holiday with friends and family at home, here are some fun Australia Day activities which celebrate our fun and easy-going way of life. 

Listen to triple j’s Hottest 100 countdown

Every year, Australians cast their vote towards the triple j Hottest 100 countdown. This year, triple j has teamed up with the charity Lifeline, to support young Aussies struggling with mental health issues. Tune in to listen to the triple j Hottest 100 countdown on Sunday 27 January and Hottest 200-101 on Monday 28 January. You can make a donation to Lifeline online or buy a Hottest 100 t-shirt to support the charity. Donate now.

Organise a thong throwing competition

Aussies can be competitive, especially when it comes to a thong throwing competition. The rule of the game is simple – each player is given five consecutive throws of a thong which is aimed at an empty bin. Allocate points to players who hit the outside of the bin or if they manage to get it in. The player with the highest score wins. Find out more.

Play Aussie trivia

How well do you know your nation? Test your friends and family with a friendly game of Australian trivia. There are plenty of Australia Day trivia questions and answers available online, ranging in topics of Australian sport, history, entertainment and arts. Here’s some Australian trivia to get you started.

Play Aussie celebrity heads

Prepare for laughs with a game of Aussie celebrity heads. Count how many players you have in the game and then allocate someone to write down this many Australian celebrity names. Put the names in a hat and ask each player to draw a name without looking at it. Attach their allocated name to a hat or headband, so that all the players can see each other’s allocated names but not their own. Each player is given the chance to ask a question to determine who their celebrity is. Watch as each player struggles to guess who they are. Find out more.

Set up a game of beach or backyard cricket

No Australia Day would be complete without a game of beach or backyard cricket. It doesn’t matter if you are a pro or a rookie, a game of cricket is a must. Set up a cricket pitch in the backyard or on the beach and allocate someone to score.

Host a barbecue

Barbecues (barbies) have been a huge tradition in Australian culture for many years. Australians will try and cook a sausage sizzle just about anywhere including at sporting events, outside Bunnings, at home or on the beach. Cooking outside is a great way to enjoy our amazing weather landscapes with friends and family.

Plan a pool or beach day

There’s a good chance the Australia Day weekend is going to be a scorcher. Make sure you stay cool and hydrated by the pool or find yourself a local beach. Don’t be a hero and swim between the flags.

Aussie World

Aussie World on the Sunshine Coast will be hosting free Australia Day activities on the oval and in The Shed from 8am, including the famous Dunny Races. RACQ Free2Go members can buy discounted tickets online. 

Cook up some classic Aussie recipes

Pavlova, sausage rolls, meat pies and lamingtons are just a few Aussie favourites to bake on the day. Food is a great way to bring people together, so share some of the nation’s iconic treats at school or at home. Taste has compiled a great range or Australian recipes online for you to try.

Build a slip’n’slide

Warning – build at your own risk! Running at full speed and then hurling yourself onto the ground is bound to end with bruises. If you and your mates are planning to build a massive slip’n’slide in the back yard, be careful. Backyard slip’n’slides require supplies such as thick plastic sheeting, a shovel, lubricant and water. Location is key and make sure you plan for a soft landing.


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