Coffee hacks to know

How to get the most out of your cup of coffee.

Here are a couple of hacks for using your coffee in different ways.

  • Pour some cooled brewed coffee into an ice cube tray and freeze. Add the coffee ice cubes to your favourite iced coffee to ensure the flavour stays strong from start to finish. This eliminates the watery flavour that normally occurs when plain ice cubes melt.
  • Add a small scoop of protein powder to your coffee in the morning instead of milk. It will give you more energy and add some extra flavour to your brew.
  • Drink coffee an hour before your workout - it can help you push through difficult workouts. Research has found that caffeine increases blood flow while reducing pain during workouts, meaning that you’re more likely to enjoy a tough workout.
  • Replace your regular sugar with cinnamon to sweeten your daily coffee. Cinnamon mimics sweetness and gives your brew a boost of flavour. As a bonus, cinnamon is a great antioxidant.

If you like your coffee fresh, you’ll likely have coffee grounds to dispose of after you’ve made your cuppa. Here are some things you can do with your coffee grounds other than throwing them in the rubbish bin.

  • Coffee grounds are a natural fertiliser. Spread your grounds onto the soil of flower beds and vegetable patches to keep pests away and to add some essential nutrients to the soil, such as potassium and nitrogen. You can also put coffee grounds on your compost heap to add extra nutrients.
  • Use coffee grounds in your next beauty treatment at home. Add used coffee grounds to a natural oil such as coconut oil to create an all-natural body scrub. Just apply the exfoliant scrub as you would your normal product and rinse away with warm water.