Common household breakdowns to avoid

Don’t let home repairs get in the way of your Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Most homeowners can relate to the frustration of locking themselves out of the house, having a blocked toilet, or a burst water pipe in the middle of summer. 

These mishaps often occur when you least expect it and finding an available tradie after hours or on a public holiday can be challenging, especially over the festive season.

RACQ member Jennifer Vaughn experienced this firsthand after moving into her new property which was riddled with faulty taps.

“In the first year of moving in we had two blocked pipes, a tap burst in the backyard, a broken tap in the laundry and in the front yard,” Ms Vaughn.

“It was only about two months ago when my husband was watering the plants in our front yard and the tap burst off, hit the roof and sprayed water everywhere.

“Luckily we were able to quickly turn the water off to prevent any damage to the house and have a tradesman there within 20 minutes to replace the tap.

RACQ Home Rescue has given us peace of mind knowing we can call on someone last minute without additional fees.

Common household breakdowns

  • A damaged roof, gutter or downpipe causing a leak internally
  • A blocked toilet, pipe or drain
  • A broken heating or cooling system
  • Power failure (excludes blackouts)
  • Broken external door
  • Being locked out of the house
  • A burst pipe
  • A broken or damaged hot water system
  • A broken tap
  • A gas leak.

Tips to avoid home repairs during the festive season

  • Keep your roof, gutters and downpipes clear of debris and well maintained.
  • Have heating and cooling systems regularly serviced.
  • Ensure a trusted friend or relative has a spare set of keys to the house.
  • Keep household drains in laundries or bathrooms clear so that water can drain from the property if a pipe does burst.
  • Repair any dripping taps straight away rather than delaying it.
  • Keep all warranties together so that they are easy to find in the event of an accident.
  • Ensure your home and contents insurance is up to date.