Copy cat

If your kitty is a scaredy-cat, it’s probably your fault.

Cats have a reputation for doing as they please, but new research suggests that cat behaviour may reflect their owner’s personality.

The study, carried out by Nottingham Trent University and the University of Lincoln, investigated the relationship between the personalities of cat owners and the behaviour and wellbeing of their furry friends. 

Results showed that owners who had neurotic tendencies were more likely to report their cat having behavioural problems or displaying aggressive, anxious and fearful behaviour.

The research also indicated a relationship between positive owner personality traits and cat behaviour. The cats of highly conscientious owners were found to be less anxious, less aggressive and more social.

Co-author of the study Dr Lauren Finka said the results highlight the important relationship between humans and pets.

“Many owners consider their pets as a family member, forming close social bonds with them,” Dr Finka said.

“It’s therefore very possible that pets could be affected by the way we interact with and manage them, and that both these factors are in turn influenced by our personality differences.

“The majority of owners want to provide the best care for their cats, and these results highlight an important relationship between our personalities and the wellbeing of our pets.”

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