Digital daycare for the home alone pet

When you can’t be with your dog and cat, new technologies can help you be a good pet parent.

There’s nothing worse than seeing a sad doggie or kitty face when you leave the house for a long day at work. Even worse, bored pets tend to take their frustrations out on their surroundings. Dogs can suffer from separation anxiety and bark, while cats can become mischievous.

It doesn’t have to be hours of working day blues for them. Providing entertainment can be easier than you think, with a wide selection of tech devices available to keep your pets entertained. Automated ball throwers keep dogs active for hours, while laser light pointers stimulate a cat’s hunting skills. You can also purchase a programable pet feeder so your pet can be fed even when no one is home.

Technology can also help keep your pet safer. Attach a GPS pet tracker to the dog or cat’s collar and you will be able to find it anywhere, any time. An LED light dog collar will make your dog stand out in the night, while an activity monitor can track activity and rest.

Go fetch

iFetch Automatic Ball Thrower launches tennis balls from three to 13 metres depending on the model and runs on a rechargeable battery.

White dog playing with iFetch machine

No scooping

Litter Robot III is a self-cleaning, electric cat litter box with an automatic night light that reduces box odour and does not need to be scooped.

Cat leaving litter robot

The chase

FroliCat DART is an programable, automatic rotating laser light that moves in a circle, jumps and randomly changes directions to engage dogs and cats.

Kitten playing with Frolicat DART

Couch puppy

DOGTV is a veterinarian-recommended, subscription-based television channel designed specifically for dogs to alleviate loneliness, anxiety and depression.

Two dogs on lounge watching tv