Doga: the new way to keep fit with your furry friend

By combining the Zen exercise of yoga with your furry friend, the new trend of Doga has emerged.

All yoga enthusiasts who have tried to complete a yoga session when their dog is around, know just how much your pooch loves to get involved.

Doga is the new trend, where slight changes to traditional yoga moves are made to encourage your pup to become involved in a yoga session.

The poses used in these classes help you to give your dog your undivided attention. Moves include simple bending and stretching positions done over your pet. Some classes will alter the moves to incorporate pup massages and stretches.

Doga has the bonus of strengthening and deepening your bond with your dog, without taking away the benefits of normal yoga. These exercises also lower anxiety and relieve stress in your dog.

Dogs read their owner’s body language. The yoga sessions include breathing techniques which visibly relax you and your dog. Dogs often suffer from stiff or sore joints. Doga poses include massaging your dog to help relieve pain once the session is complete.

Doga sessions are not limited by the size or breed of the dog participating. Smaller dogs can be held in some positions, while larger dogs will continually be in contact with you by touch. Both you and your pup will leave the session feeling refreshed and calm.

Many hosts of Doga also hold classes for you and your furry friend in Pilates and meditation, meaning there is a class for everyone no matter your experience.

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