Dog's life saved with right cover

RACQ member Christine Hall shares her experience of how pet insurance helped her save her puppy’s life.

RACQ member Christine Hall knows too well the importance of having the right cover after her two-year-old Kelpie cross Bull Terrier, Eva, was hit by a caravan last Christmas.

Christine and her husband were travelling to Cairns to celebrate the holiday season with loved ones when the accident occurred at a caravan park north of Rockhampton.

“We stopped at a caravan park and while we were setting up camp, we threw a ball for Eva,” Ms Hall said.

“A caravan drove into the park and she basically ran under it with the two back wheels of the car and the four wheels of the caravan running over her.

“It broke her pelvis in four places.”

Heartbroken by the event, Christine and her husband called the closest vet at Rockhampton and arranged for immediate treatment.

Eva had multiple X-rays to determine whether her bladder had been damaged and then was medicated and transported to an animal hospital on the Sunshine Coast for surgery.

Following the surgery, Eva was in hospital for four weeks over Christmas and the New Year and had physio treatment three times a week.

“It was such a terrible time last Christmas because we woke up with no dog, no family, no presents and we cried because they said she might need to be put down or have her leg amputated,” Ms Hall said.

“We never thought about getting pet insurance until somebody recommended it to us – we were so relieved that we had it.”

RACQ covered the cost of injuries of $12,000 and assisted with additional Tender Loving Care optional cover which provided some coverage for ongoing physio treatment as well as preventative care.

“Eva is now fully recovered and has learned to walk again,” Ms Hall said.

“We are so relieved that she didn’t have to have her leg amputated and she can still have good quality of life.

“Pet insurance is no different to insuring ourselves or our house – and our dog brings us more joy.”

In the last financial year RACQ received more than 9000 pet insurance claims, 4580 for illness and 1790 for injury.

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said Queenslanders should research the type of pet cover that would work for them – and their fur-baby.

“If your pet strikes it unlucky and becomes sick or injured, the vet costs could potentially exceed as much as $12,000 due to hospitalisation, surgeries and ongoing treatment,” Ms Ross said.

“It’s hard to imagine having that sort of financial stress when you’re worried about your pet.

“They’re part of the family, so when something goes wrong you want to have peace of mind knowing your pet’s health and wellbeing is covered.”

AWLQ and RACQ are proudly working together to help Queensland pets. RACQ is offering pet owners three months free pet insurance when they either adopt an eligible pet from AWLQ or are a customer of an AWLQ vet clinic.