Drivers warned to slow down for livestock on roads

A grazier has reminded drivers travelling through regional Queensland to be aware of stock on roads.

A regional Queensland cattle property owner is frustrated by drivers who ignore signs alerting them to stock on roads.

“Drivers need to be aware they need to slow down when approaching a mob, particularly when people are mustering and moving them,” the RACQ member, who did not want to be named, said.

“Don’t simply continue at full speed and honk your horn.”

She regularly saw drivers ignoring the signs and refusing to give way to livestock.

“We have had cattle and a dog hit while we were right there by people who refuse to slow down,” she said.

“We have huge signs erected by Main Roads on our road stating that it is unfenced with pictures of stock, but a lot of holidaymakers and the general public pay no heed.

“If you see a sign, it’s just common sense for everyone’s safety to slow down.

Road safety logo

“This problem is echoed by drovers and musterers on unfenced roads, particularly now everyone is on a road trip.”

A Transport and Main Roads spokesperson said there were no specific rules for giving way when livestock or other animals were on roads. 

However, all motorists were legally required to always drive with due care and attention to avoid any potential collisions. 

“As drovers and their working dogs are lawful users of the road corridor, drivers should slow down, be alert and look ahead when they see a stock warning sign or stock on the road,” the spokesperson said. 

Transport and Main Roads is developing a campaign promoting road safety on stock routes.