Be your own advocate with David Contarini

Dedicated to educating Queenslanders about health and fitness so they can live their best life.

Despite health and fitness trending on social media, obesity remains at the top of the list of chronic diseases affecting Queenslanders.

Husband, father of two and health coach David Contarini has made it his personal mission to educate Queenslanders about health while pursuing his role as RACQ’s Head of Community and Education.

“This is about preventing the preventable – what can I do today that’s going to give me great health in the future?” David said.

“It’s all about being ready to come to the table and make a change in your life.”

After the losing both of his parents prematurely, David recognised that lifestyle choices can play a significant part in preventing disease.

He decided to turn his loss into something positive and launched online lifestyle program, 50Fit program, to help those who have lost touch with their personal health, fitness or diet.

"I realised more and more as I marched towards 50 that I was no longer invincible and something had to change,” David said.

“I looked around at my peers and saw people approaching middle age who worked hard for wealth and status, but at what cost? 

“Too often the trade-off was their health and I knew I had to do something.”

Raised by an Italian family who love pasta, David explained the food you might have been able to eat 10 years ago may not agree with you anymore.

“Once people understand that 90% of their health and 90% of their success of losing weight is really about diet,” he said.

“The hardest part is swapping those foods out for the ones that you will like and ones you can have for the rest of my life.”

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