Finding the ghosts of Brisbane with Jack Sim

Horror enthusiast Jack Sim has spent his life uncovering Brisbane’s haunted history and paranormal past.

Jack had his first encounter with a ghost at the age of seven and admitted it was n occupational hazard as a tour guide with Brisbane Ghost Tours.

And while it isn’t a ghost hunting organisation, Jack loves to share real history with his guests on every tour, which invariably involves a scary story. 

Every story Jack tells his guests is a real anecdote, sourced from people who lived or worked in the area over the last 200 years. 

“Some people might not be into the paranormal, but these are really great ways to access history,” Jack said.

“It’s more the dark history because we don’t say ‘there’s a ghost over there’.

“There’s the whole context of who that ghost was and who told the story.”

Jack is well-known for his tours of Brisbane’s Boggo Road Gaol and is proud that the prison is now the number one heritage site on Tripadvisor and in the top ten things to do in Queensland.

He hopes that through Brisbane Ghost Tours he can tell a richer story about the daily lives of the people who lived and worked in the prison.

“I unashamedly wanted to make the gaol a positive experience for people, but how do you do that when it’s so awful?” Jack said.

“So, we decided to break up its history into different types of experiences to provide something different seven days a week.”

Listen to more of Brisbane’s best ghost stories from Jack below.

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