Investing in people with Steve Baxter

Shark Tank investor Steve Baxter knows that the key to a good investment is backing people over ideas.

After leaving school at 15 years old and spending his early twenties in the military, Steve Baxter has firmly established himself in the business world as a savvy investor.

Steve’s foray into business began when he had an idea to transform the tech industry with his wife Emily Baxter.

“I had this crazy idea that I’d take our $11,000 home deposit and buy some computers and some modems, install some phone lines in the house we don’t own and we’re going to start this business,” Steve said. 

Sixteen years later, Steve made the leap from entrepreneurship to investing and became a household name as one of the Sharks from Channel 10’s business-themed reality program Shark Tank Australia.

Steve believe the success of Shark Tank come from making an investment in people, not ideas.

“We (Sharks) don’t invest in an idea, we invest in people so it’s an absolute honour to invest in people who want to take on the world and change things – always for the better,” he said.

“We hope they succeed. Not all of them do, but the prize is huge so it shouldn’t be easy.”

Steve is proud of the people he has backed, including Throat Scope CEO Jennifer Holland and the team from Brisbane-based online corporate training marketplace, GO1.

Listen to more from Steve below.

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