Driving into the future with Dr Rebecca Michael

Your shout talks to RACQ Head of Public Policy Dr Rebecca Michael about the future of mobility in Queensland.

Rebecca spends much of her time focusing on what’s next in motoring and mobility, making her an expert on autonomous vehicles (AVs).

For those unfamiliar with autonomous technology, there are varying levels of autonomy ranging from standard cruise control functions to full automation. 

“We do have sliding scales of autonomous function,” Rebecca said.

“Things like lane keep assist, collision avoidance, parking sensors and adaptive cruise control are forms of autonomous or advanced driver assist functioning and they’re at that level two and three

“Level four is when you still have a steering wheel and in complex situations it may ask you to take over, whereas a level five car has no steering wheel.”

While it seems that autonomous mobility technology is inevitable, Rebecca believes that it will be a while yet before we see widespread deployment of AVs on Australian roads. 

“I think a lot of people think autonomous vehicles and think of The Jetsons or Back to the Future, but we won’t see them on public roads for some time,” she said. 

Listen below to hear more about the future of road technology.

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