Strong bones with Professor Belinda Beck

Founder of The Bone Clinic, Professor Belinda Beck shares simple tips to help to ward off osteoporosis and keep your bones healthy.

Keeping your bones healthy largely relies on how dense they are or how much mineral is packed into each bone.

The Bone Clinic Founder Professor Belinda Beck said bone density is largely determined by several factors in your life.

“The main reason people develop low bone density is genes – they didn’t choose their parents carefully enough,” Prof. Beck said.

“Some people have big bones and a lot of bone tissue while others just have small bones - genes determine about 70% of your bone mass."

“The other 30% is determined by your lifestyle and probably the two most important things are your diet and exercise.”

The less dense your bones become the more prone they are to injury and illness.

“The less strength you have, the easier it is to fracture your bone,” Prof. Beck said.

“If it gets to a point where you’re fracturing much more easily than you would otherwise expect to be then you’ve got a condition called osteoporosis.”

The Bone Clinic is the first of its kind in Australia, focusing on bone, muscle and joint health including osteoporosis treatment.

What makes The Bone Clinic special is its approach to treating bone and muscle related issues.

“We work in an area that we think is a healthy alternative of diet and exercise, but my particular focus is exercise prescription,” Belinda said.
“We’re looking at a particular form of exercise that is tailored specifically to bone health.”

Through trials Belinda and her team found that certain types of exercise keep bones healthy and restore density.

“What we know from animal research is high strains on bones caused it to adapt,  not low strains,” she said.

“When other doctors were doing their exercise trials, they were trying exercise programs that didn’t put particularly high strains on the bones because they were nervous if somebody had osteoporosis that they were going to break them.

“They would come to the conclusion that exercise doesn’t work for bones but actually they weren’t doing the kind of loading that the animal trial told us we really need to do - that’s why we bit the bullet and said somebody has got to do it.”

Find out more from Professor Belinda Beck on how you can keep your bones healthy below.

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