Death defying stunts with Gary Reid

As stunt director for some of Queensland’s biggest theme parks, Gary Reid has every kid’s dream job.

Listen to his full story below.

Gary Reid’s life took an unexpected turn when a school trip to Sea World shaped his future.

After watching the Sea World water-skiing show with his friends, Gary realised he’d found his calling. 

“After the ski show, many of my friends got up to see the dolphin show and I just wanted to stay there and hang out and watch everyone pack up,” Gary said.

“Then something just hit me and I walked back stage and bumped into a guy and said, ‘I want to do this’.”

While Gary had water skied before with family friends he was by no means an expert, so he spent years learning tricks and techniques in his hometown of Canberra.

“I didn’t have a competitive background, I only learned to ski when I was just under 14 years old,” Gary said.

“A family friend took us water skiing down the coast when we were 14 and I just loved it.”

As a self-proclaimed show-off, Gary hasn’t stopped at water skiing and is now director of ShowTime FMX motocross performers.

He has worked on shows like Movie World’s Hollywood Stunt Driver and the Thunder Lake Stunt Show at Sea World. 

He also passed on his love of water skiing to his 16-year-old daughter, who is the youngest water skier to perform at Sea World.

“We taught her to ski at a very young age but she never really jumped at the skiing thing and we never pushed her,” Gary said.

“She was never really into it and then one day she said, ‘Dad if you get the show at Sea World then I want to get in the show - what do I have to do’?”

Gary and his daughter have now become the only father and daughter duo to perform together in Sea World’s water-skiing shows. 

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