Sun, surf and sand with Ann-Sophie Sullivan

Keeping Queenslanders safe at the beach is all in a day’s work for Surf Life Saving ambassador Ann-Sophie Sullivan.

Listen to her full story below.


Ann-Sophie’s Surf Life Saving career started early despite her Swedish mother not being the best swimmer.

“When my mum was growing up it was taught that if you put your head under water, you’re going to risk hypothermia and die so she wasn’t really confident at swimming,” Ann-Sophie said.

“When we moved to the Sunshine Coast, she said get into Nippers to learn how to save yourself because you are going to want to go surfing with your friends and swimming after school.”

Ann-Sophie wasn’t immediately drawn to Nippers, Surf Life Saving’s junior activities, but she fell in love with it after learning to be more comfortable in the Sunshine Coast swells.

“I’ll tell you a secret about Nippers – I was not always a fan because on the Sunshine Coast we’ve got some pretty big waves,” Ann-Sophie said.

“But Nippers taught me how to spot a rip, how to be safe and where the waves.

“It also taught me how to be comfortable around that level of surf and what to do when you’re not feeling very comfortable, so these are really awesome life skills that I’m so glad that I’ve learned.”

With summer is just around the corner, Ann-Sophie and her Point Lookout Surf Life Saving team are getting ready for big numbers heading to beach to escape the heat.

With up to 400 people flocking to the beach each day, Ann-Sophie has an important message for beachgoers.

“We do follow Queensland Life Saving’s message of ‘if we can’t see you then we can’t save you’ which is so important when you’re swimming at the beach this summer,” Ann-Sophie said.

“We do our best and we do really enjoy it, but it does make it easier if everyone swims between the flags so we can see them.”

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