Robots of the future with Peter Corke

Australian roboticist Peter Corke joins Your shout to talk about his research into robotic vision and what the future holds for automation.

Listen to his story below.


Since the age of four, QUT Professor of Robotic Vision, Peter Corke, has dreamed of designing and building robots.

Today, Prof. Corke is making his dream a reality as Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Robotic Vision in Australia.

“That might sound like a weird thing because why would you want robots to see?” Prof. Corke said.

“But the reason is that we use our eyes for almost everything, but robots don’t have a sense of vision as we have.

Prof. Corke said he believed robots inability to see was holding back their technological progress.

“It’s why we only see robots in factories,” Prof. Corke said.

“We don’t see them in our workplaces, our homes and every other place that they could potentially be – they’re not there because they can’t see and understand the world.

“The sorts of robots that we see in the world today, the ones that are building cars and other factory-based jobs, are based on technology that’s now about 60 years old.”

Prof. Corke said our eyes operate similarly to cameras and should, in theory, be transferable to robots.

“An eye functions just like a camera and uses a whole bunch of data, which is processed to extract information which allows us to understand what’s being seen,” Prof. Corke said.

“We can now get computers to process data from cameras which mimics what we do biologically with our eyes, nerves and a big bunch of grey matter.”

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