New look and feel for Sunshine Coast’s iconic pub

The Ettamogah Pub is undergoing an extensive renovation.

The scaffolding and mesh around the Sunshine Coast’s favourite landmark, The Ettamogah Pub, have finally come down revealing a brand-new look, feel and, soon, a new name.

The 30-year-old watering hole has been a tourism magnet for the region, attracting motorists as they travel along the Bruce Highway.

While its iconic features were cherished, the new modern, family-orientated, tropical look and additional features offer more to local and international guests.

Aussie World spokesperson Tim James said the removal of the banner mesh and scaffolding highlights the pub’s brand-new wrap around balconies.

“There’s been a lot of work done to ensure the new look truly represents the very best of the Sunshine Coast,” Mr James said.

“The odd shaped exterior of the building which was synonymous with the Ettamogah Pub is a thing of the past while the previous red roof which had a truck resting on it is now removed and replaced by a more streamline blue roof.

“I believe it’s the expanded balcony which has been extended on the east side, wrapping around the southern and northern sides of the pub and an extended alfresco front veranda which will capture the imagination of our patrons as they enjoy a relaxing drink or a meal while taking in the views.”

The pub now offers 500sqm of new decking going around the front and sides of the pub, a massive area for patrons to dine or enjoy a drink.

“We’ve managed to trade throughout the redevelopment which is a fair achievement and the new Pop Up Grill brings a great new menu which has been really well received while the upstairs restaurant area receives an expansive makeover,” Mr James said.

Mr James said he expected the redevelopment of the pub to conclude in early 2019, with its new identity slowly being revealed for locals and tourists to experience and the new name to be revealed before the opening date.

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