Festive season sanity savers

It’s a scenario many can relate to in the lead-up to Christmas – navigating the carpark of the local shopping centre, looking for a space.

Then, right before you, like an oasis on a sandy desert, a space appears. Indicator on, you make your move, only to be intercepted by another carpark hunter going in for the kill.

Every trace of festive spirit gone, you face a decision – attack or retreat. RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said the best solution was to avoid the situation altogether.

“If you’re someone who feels their blood pressure rising at the thought of Christmas crowds, make sure you’re thinking ahead and get your shopping done early,” she said.

“These days you have the option of avoiding the crush altogether by shopping online.”

RACQ members can take care of their Christmas shopping from the comfort of home, with a wide range of gift ideas available at racq.com.

By downloading the RACQ Discounts App you can have access to more than 1,200 discounts on movie tickets, fuel, RACQ Gift Cards, theme parks, popular retail outlets and events.

If you can’t avoid the shops this Christmas, Ms Ritchie advises motorists to obey the car park signage and exercise simple courtesy.

“While manners go a long way, so does common sense,” she said.

“This can help make busy shopping trips less stressful and safer for all involved.”