Finding a forever home

How adopting from AWLQ transformed the lives of two cats.

After two years as a one cat household, the time had come to add a second cat to our family.

We purchased our first cat Måns as a 13-week-old kitten from a registered breeder and, while he enjoyed the attention that came with being an only cat, I was concerned about him sleeping all day while my partner and I were at work and being full of destructive energy each night.

When we decided to add a second cat to our family it was an easy decision to adopt a cat from the Animal Welfare League Queensland (AWLQ).

I loved watching Måns grow from a tiny ball of full to a big, beautiful cat with his own quirks and personality but I knew adopting another kitten would be a lot of work, so we decided to adopt an adult cat.

While searching the AWLQ website’s pet adoption profiles, I came across an 18-month-old male cat named Tequila.

Tequila was located at an AWLQ location near my home and his profile said he was good with other cats so, after phoning the shelter to find out a bit more about his temperament and confirm Tequila was still available, I made arrangements to meet him. 

As soon as the staff member opened Tequila’s cage he leapt into my open handbag, purring as loudly as he could. I knew instantly that he was the cat for me.

While Tequila and I were getting to know each other the staff member ran through his personality, history and preferences for food and litter.

We discussed how to best introduce a new cat to the household and how to make the transition comfortable for Tequila.

I took Tequila, now named Nils-Owe, home and, after a few days of growls and hisses from Måns, he began to settle into his forever home.

Six weeks on, Nils-Owe is a little love-bug that must always be a part of what you’re doing. He loves nothing more than to curl up with my partner and I on the couch and purr as loudly as he can.

Måns and Nils-Owe have become firm friends who enjoy chasing each other up and down the hallway, wrestling and snuggling together on the couch.

Most importantly, Måns is no longer lonely during the day and Nils-Owe has his forever home.


AWLQ and RACQ are proudly working together to help Queensland pets. RACQ is offering pet owners three months free pet insurance when they either adopt an eligible pet from AWLQ or are a customer of an AWLQ vet clinic.