Five delicious recipes with yabbies

Make a meal worthy of your catch with these yummy recipes using yabbies.

While half the fun is catching the yabbies, there are many creative ways you can whip up a culinary storm once you get them home. The delicious critters can form part of the main dish or be used as a starter or side salad. Try the following ideas.

  1. Chilled cucumber soup with yabbies: Try this variation of a prawn cocktail to serve as starter at your next dinner party.
  2. Yabbies with roasted garlic mayo: A fun, simple way to eat yabbies. It’s a good idea to have a bowl of water on hand so that people can wash their fingers in between yabbies.
  3. Yabby turnovers: Add a French twist to your yabby dish with some truffles and pastry.
  4. Yabbies and olive oil linguine: Garlic and chilli add an interesting flavour to pasta.
  5. Yabby salad: For an exotic take on the usual seafood salad, try this recipe with coconut milk, avocado and mangoes.
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