Five great apps for caravanning

If you have mobile phone coverage on your caravan trip, there are apps to make travelling easier.

Whether you’re looking for a quality caravan park or need to know the weather in a remote part of the outback, you can get all the information you need from these apps.

Wiki Camps Australia

An app where users contribute by generating content. The app has more 22,000 listings of campsites, with details of the facilities and works completely offline, so you won’t need a phone signal to use it. Wiki Camps Australia is available on iTunes.

Hema Explorer

This is a great traffic app for caravanners which details routes, maps, national parks and heritage-listed sites. Hema Explorer is available on iTunes.

BOM Weather

This is the Bureau of Meteorology’s weather app which gives accurate weather information including current conditions, forecasts, warnings, radar, and much more. BOM Weather is available on iTunes. 

First Aid- Australian Red Cross

The app gives you access to first-aid information with simple step-by-step advice on what to do in an emergency. This app is great for travellers in regional areas. First Aid is available on iTunes.


This app will help you look like a gourmet cook on the BBQ when caravanning. It includes recipes and expert tips on how to cook your meat perfectly, gives you salad recipes and more. It also provides advice for cleaning the grill. iBBQ is available for iOS and Android.