Five things all caravanners should know

You need to maintain your caravan well, know how to drive safely to protect both your passengers and others on the road, and know how to manoeuvre and park your van. This short video highlights five key things you need to master.

1. Compliance and weight restrictions

You can’t tow more than your vehicle’s towing capacity. This is both a legal and safety requirement, as overloading your vehicle can cause decreased acceleration and braking performance, as well as reduced control. Be sure of your towing capacity and weigh your caravan to make sure you haven’t exceeded your weight limit.

2. Ensure weight is distributed evenly

It’s important to make sure weight is distributed evenly across your caravan to avoid any issues with load imbalances. Here are some tips for loading your caravan properly, including distributing weight evenly and keeping items secure.

3. Regular maintenance checks

Take care of your caravan and it will take care of you. There’s plenty of routine maintenance you can do yourself, from caring for caravan tyres to your annual caravan roof maintenance.

4. How to manoeuvre your caravan

It’s not easy manoeuvring the weight and bulk of a caravan. Before you go on your first caravanning holiday, you should practise parking and reversing your caravan. Here are some tips for parking your caravan.

5. Caravan-specific road rules

There are plenty of caravan-specific road rules, from speed limits when towing to different rules for parking your caravan, and you don’t want to get caught offside of the rules.