Five top mountains for climbers

There’s nothing like the feeling of making it to the top of a formidable peak. Here are five of best mountains for climbers around Queensland, from the Glasshouse Mountains to the Gold Coast hinterland.

  1. Mount Bartle Frere

    Experienced climbers should head to Wooroonooran National Park, approximately 30km west of Innisfail in Far North Queensland. The park is home to Queensland’s highest mountain, Mount Bartle Frere.


    The climb to the summit is approximately 7km, depending on the route taken, and is quite steep in places. Allow 12 hours to reach the summit and return down the mountain. You can also camp in the park if you want to spend the night.


  2. The Glasshouse Mountains

    The Glasshouse Mountains in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland offer some of the best mountains to climb on the Sunshine Coast. The range offers a number of different climbing trails for mountains climbers of all skill levels.


    Mount Tibrogargan offers the largest variety of trail options, while nearby Mount Ngungun provides a challenging 2.2km return climb. Don’t miss climbing Mount Beerwah, the highest of the Glasshouse Mountains. Although easier than Mount Tibrogargan, it’s still a great challenge, with some rock scrambling involved in gaining the summit.


  3. Mount Barney

    Down in the Gold Coast Hinterland, Mount Barney, Queensland’s second highest peak, awaits. The summit makes for one of the best mountain climbs on the Gold Coast.

    Only experienced climbers should attempt to climb Mount Barney as the track is not clearly marked and some places can be difficult to climb. A high level of fitness and navigational skills are necessary to scale this mountain.


  4. Mount Maroon

    For climbers with a little less experience, nearby Mount Maroon in the Mount Barney National Park still provides a challenging climb on the Gold Coast. The Cotswold track will take you on the 3km trip to the summit. Allow eight hours’ walking time for this climb. Sound navigation skills and high fitness levels are still required for this peak.


  5. Mount Bowen

Mount Bowen on Hinchinbrook Island is 1121m high and is recommended for experienced climbers only. Those climbing the mountain for the first time generally take 1.5 days to reach the summit. We recommend that you ascend Mount Bowen in winter as there is a lesser chance of the mountain being shrouded in clouds and the temperature is cooler, which can make for a more pleasant climb.


Remember: for safety, you should always do some research on the area before setting off on a mountain climbing adventure. Always take a compass and topological map with you.