Five travel insurance myths

Travel insurance is necessary preparation for your next adventure.

You’ve packed your bags, the itinerary is planned and you’re about to set off, but have you booked travel insurance? Travel insurance is as essential as a valid passport, yet some travellers still don’t consider it a necessity. Here are the five most common travel insurance myths explained.

1. The Australian Government will pay for my medical expenses.

Most medical expenses incurred by Australians overseas, regardless of how significant, are generally not covered by Medicare. International medical bills can also be quite expensive, with a one-night stay in a north American Hospital reportedly costing up to $10,000 a night. The price can more than double if you require time in intensive care.

2. My household insurance policy will cover me overseas.

While some household insurance policies may cover personal items including laptops, gaming devices and phones outside of the home, it’s unlikely the cover extends internationally. Read the product disclosure statement on all insurances to ensure your household insurer would come to the rescue. You’d rather not be stranded in the event you require urgent medical attention and need to be evacuated from a foreign country or, more commonly, land at a destination without your bags.

3. I don’t need travel insurance if I am only visiting a safe country.

Most travellers who know they’re heading to a third-would country will invest in travel insurance. However, many travellers incorrectly assume that because they’re travelling to a country they perceive as safe, they can skimp on insurance. This is simply not the case with most insurance claims relating to incidents occurring in popular destinations such as the United States, United Kingdom and Europe.

4. If I’m not a thrill seeker, I won’t need to worry about travel insurance.

Planning on skiing, bungee jumping, riding scooters or jet skiing on your next holiday? You’re not alone, with almost three-quarters of all Australian travellers under 30 engaging in the activities overseas. If these activities are on the agenda, you’ll need travel insurance. Even if you’re planning on a more mellow getaway, travel insurance is a must with most claims made for overseas medical expenses, lost luggage and travel cancellations.

5. I don’t need to purchase travel insurance until the day I leave.

Purchasing travel insurance can often be overlooked when deciding on some of the more exciting elements of holiday. Waiting until the last minute to purchase travel insurance, however, can have dire consequences. For example, if you purchase an expensive flight and accommodation now, but hold off on purchasing insurance, and are forced to cancel your trip, you say goodbye to not only your holiday but your money too.

Need travel insurance?

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