Ford updates Ranger Raptor and Wildtrak

Ford brings back the Wildtrak X to counter updated HiLux

The gloves are off in the dual cab 4x4 ute category, with Ford lobbing a carefully timed Ranger Raptor and Wildtrack update into the trenches on the same day Toyota was whipping the covers off its updated HiLux.

There’s no love lost between the rival Ford and Toyota camps when it comes to who will dominate the ute category, with the popular Ranger maintaining a narrow 878-unit year-to-date lead over the HiLux in the 4x4 class (20,205 v 19,327). 

The tables are reversed in the 4x2 class, however, with the HiLux’s 5968 sales showing a clean pair of heels to the Ranger’s 1365, giving Toyota outright bragging rights, not only as Australia’s best-selling ute so far this year, but also our best-selling nameplate per se. 

The rivalry between the two brands has seen Ford very much on the front foot in a bid to counter the heavily updated HiLux.

2020 Ford Ranger DCab line-up

The Blue Oval has announced a range of special edition updates for its workhorse XL, XLS and XLT models, and doubled down on that move with changes to its popular recreational 4x4 range.

Heading the list of changes is the return of the Ford Ranger Wildtrak X, which arrives with a full suite of 2020 upgrades, including more powerful Bi-LED high-performance headlights, remote-control powered roller-shutter and a pearlescent premium exterior colour not previously available on Ranger. 

The new headlights replace the previous Wildtrak X’s HID projector headlights, with an LED high-beam reflector.

Aesthetically, the upgraded lighting system is distinguished by a new square lamp design in place of the previous circular versions.

2020 Ford Ranger Wildtrak

Ford claims the new headlights deliver 17% better lighting penetration on the road ahead, which increases to 20% greater penetration on high beam. The new lights also offer a brighter, white light beam that’s closer to daylight, says Ford. 

The Wildtrak X’s new power roller shutter can be activated via the key fob, a dash-mounted switch, or from a button within the vehicle tub.

Ford claims the new design features a sleeker lid that frees up extra load space, with an extra 80mm opening length and 20mm extra height clearance over the current shutter.

The Wildtrak X combines a range of functional features designed to add to the ute’s appeal, and enhance its off-road capability, says Ford, pointing to what it says are $6000 worth of components for a price increase of only $2000. 

2020 Ford Ranger Wildtrak

These features include unique 18-inch alloy wheels in matte black finish; wheel arch flares, finished in black; black nudge bar with an LED light bar; and an A-pillar-mounted snorkel.

The range-topping Ford Performance Ranger Raptor gets a new factory applied, two-part coat spray-in bedliner as a standard feature, designed for greater load hauling durability. 

Both the Ranger Raptor and Wildtrak X also benefit from the inclusion of the FordPass Connect embedded modem, which has been rolled out across the entire Ranger line-up. 

2020 Ford Ranger Wildtrak

This “connected car” technology pairs with the FordPass smartphone app to unlock a range of new connected services and remote vehicle functions, according to Ford. 

“Ranger continues to adapt, grow and expand its offering, bringing more targeted, specific capabilities and attributes to Australian customers to help them meet any challenges they face,” said Ford Australia President and CEO, Andrew Birkic. 

“Now, with Ranger Wildtrak X, alongside upgraded Wildtrak and Ford Performance Ranger Raptor, customers can get even more out of their off-road adventures.”

The updated models will be available in Ford dealerships across Australia from the end of August. 

Ford Ranger pricing

 Ranger 4x2  MLP
 XL Single C/C 2.2L Low Rider M  $29,190
 XL Single C/C 2.2L Hi-Rider AT  $34,890
 XL Super C/C 2.2L Hi-Rider AT  $37,390
 XL Double C/C 2.2L Hi-Rider AT  $39,390 
 XL Double P/up 2.2L Hi-Rider AT  $40,790
 XLT Double P/up 3.2L Hi-Rider AT  $51,540
 XLT Double P/up 2.0L Bi-Turbo Hi-Rider AT  $53,040


 Ranger 4x4  MLP
 XL Single C/C 3.2L MT  $43,090
 XL Single C/C 3.2L AT  $45,290
 XL Super C/C 3.2L MT  $45,590
 XL Super C/C 3.2L AT  $47,790
 XL Super P/up 3.2L AT  $49,190
 XL Double C/C 2.2L AT  $47,290
 XL Double P/up 2.2L AT  $48,690
 XL Double C/C 3.2L MT  $47,590
 XL Double C/C 3.2L AT  $49,790
 XL Double P/up 3.2L MT   $48,990
 XL Double P/up 3.2L AT   $51,190
 XLS Double P/up 3.2L MT   $50,290
 XLS Double P/up 3.2L AT   $52,490
 Sport Double P/up 3.2L MT   $53,540
 Sport Double P/up 3.2L AT  $55,740
 XLT Super P/up 3.2L AT   $57,440
 XLT Super P/up Bi-Turbo AT   $58,940
 XLT Double P/up 3.2L MT   $57,240
 XLT Double P/up 3.2L AT   $59,440
 XLT Double P/up Bi-Turbo AT   $60,940
 Wildtrak Double P/up 3.2L MT   $62,090
 Wildtrak Double P/up 3.2L AT   $64,290
 Wildtrak Double P/up Bi-Turbo AT   $65,790
 Raptor Double P/up Bi-Turbo AT  $77,190