Ethical shopping apps

There are apps available for ethical and sustainable shopping.

If you’re concerned about your impact on our planet, you may want more information about limiting your footprint. Here are three ethical and sustainable apps you can download on your phone:

  1. Good On You has evaluated more than 1000 clothing brands based on factors like the impact and sustainability of their products and collated the rankings for you. Each brand is assessed on its use of hazardous chemicals and dyes as well as the conditions and pay of workers. Shoppers can search by brand or by the kind of product they’re after, be it shoes, jeans or a fancy dress.
  2. Choose Cruelty Free. With so many beauty and household cleaning products now going cruelty free, it’s easy to find great products that haven’t been tested on animals. The Choose Cruelty Free app allows you access to an extensive list of products accredited as cruelty free.
  3.  Shop Ethical provides consumers with information for more than 4000 products, as well as the social record and environmental record of the companies who produce them.