Games for puppies and kittens

Puppies and kittens need plenty of attention, lots of activity and just as much snooze time.

Keeping your pets active is an important part of ensuring they’re healthy, so have some fun with these cute game ideas for your precious pup or kitten.

Puppy games

  • Hide and seek
    You might remember playing hide and seek when you were a kid, but it’s also a great game for your pup. First, your dog will need to learn a command, so they know when to seek. Your command can be anything you choose, from ‘find it’ to ‘go seek.’ Then, show your four-legged friend what you’ll be hiding and put it somewhere they can’t see. You can hide their favourite toy or even yourself.
  • Scent games
    Dogs have a great sense of smell, which can easily be turned into a fun game that’s perfect for rainy days. To play, grab four or five opaque bowls or boxes and place them upside down on the ground. Place a prize under just one box, like a treat or toy, and scramble the boxes to throw your dog off the scent. Next, let them sniff each box until they find the treat. After a few rounds, your dog will know exactly what to do and get faster at finding their prize.
  • Tug of war
    Playing a gentle game of tug of war can help strengthen your puppy’s self-control and listening skills. Work out a few rules before you start to make it more enjoyable for you and your dog. First, your puppy must release the tug toy when you ask. Secondly, your dog should only grab their end of the tug toy. If they creep onto your side, the game ends. These rules will also help with obedience and self-control.

Kitten games

  • The chase
    Cats love to chase. Use a small flashlight or laser to make a moving light along the floor and walls. Your kitty is sure to chase the light for as long as you shine it, making this game perfect for encouraging exercise. Just make sure that you don't shine it directly in their eyes.
  • Ping pong pursuit
    Since ping-pong balls are lightweight, they’re perfect for kitten games. Roll the ball on an uncarpeted floor and watch your cat run in pursuit. You can bounce the ball along the hallway floor or even pop it in the bathtub for endless amusement.
  • Wind it up
    Cats were born to prowl and pounce. Get a wind-up toy that resembles a mouse and moves on its own. This resemblance will pique your cat’s natural instinct to hunt, and they’re sure to chase until they’ve caught their prize.