Going Places with Ernie Dingo

Indigenous Australian actor and television presenter Ernie Dingo is taking Queenslanders to every corner of the country in the third season of the television series Going Places with Ernie Dingo.

Viewers will witness Ernie in his element as he showcases the best landmarks in Australia and shares in-depth chats with the locals who call these places home.

“We looked at what was available within this country and, as far as travelling goes, we found that you don’t get to learn too much about Australia unless it’s through a glossy magazine,” Ernie said.

“And in reality, these fancy photos don’t introduce you to the people who are out living in these places, so we wanted to give the locals a chance to explain the areas they live in.

“We travel to places around Australia that people tend to forget as so many Australians tend look to overseas when contemplating travel.”

In each episode Ernie visits a different location, some include Charlotte Pass (NSW), Horizontal Falls (WA), Yirrkala (NT), Grampians (VIC), Bruny Island (TAS), Ceduna (SA), Mount Kosciuszko (NSW), Broome (WA), Jindabyne (NSW), Lake Mungo (NSW), Strahan (TAS) and Port Lincoln (SA).

During his trip to Queensland he spent time with the rangers on Stradbroke Island, explored the Gold Coast Hinterland, went sailing in Hervey Bay and learnt about the Aboriginal culture on K’gari (Fraser Island).

With such a long history of travelling around Australia Ernie still believes his ultimate holiday would be a road trip to his favourite destination - Lawn Hill in Far North Queensland.

“My ultimate holiday would be me in my beautiful blue truck with a stacked fridge and freezer, my 2000 invertor so I can use my coffee machine, a swag on the roof, a couple of sarongs and basic clothes and plenty of tucker,” Ernie said.

“Lawn Hill, I’d go back there tomorrow. I really like Lawn Hill National Park and Mt Tambourine.”

Ernie’s favourite part of filming was sitting down with some of the locals in each town for a yarn. While his producer often enforced a 15-minutes timeline, Ernie found himself deep in conversation for hours.

Along his travels he met with a steam train driver, a snow groomer, a deep-thinking hiker, a passionate ecologist, a trout fisherman, a talented sculptor, an ALFW player and farmer, a former iron woman, a dinosaur enthusiast and even some of his old friends along the way.

“I have met so many wonderful people who have opened their hearts to me about their destinations, about their family and their life,” Ernie said.

“To me, chatting to these people is like enjoying all the spices that make up the meal or in this case, a destination.”

Watch Going Places with Ernie Dingo on SBS on Wednesday 12 June at 7.30pm and on NITV on Sunday 16 June at 7.30pm.

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