Google Photos can recognise your pet

Making quick, dedicated videos of your pet is now easier than ever with Google Photos.

Google Photos already recognises and categororises images of your friends and family via facial recognition. Now, after a recent update, Google Photos can do the same for your pets.

This service is functions for images of both cats and dogs. It can even recognise specific types of animals and breeds, allowing you to search for them using emojis.

Following this update, you can label your pet by name and if you have taken good, clear shots of their faces, Google Photos will be able to organise a complete album.

Google has commented saying while the service is still growing, there are still times when it struggles to distinguish between two animals of the same breed. The tech giant also says  owners who have multiple pets of the same breed can help the app by removing photos of incorrectly grouped pets. This means the app will be less likely to make the same mistake again.

This feature was initially slow to roll out, but should soon be available in most countries. Google has since claimed that by continually improving the service, Google Photos will be able to detect and determine whether a dog is wearing a hat in a photo.