Helping young Queenslanders excel in sport

RACQ has partnered with Aspiration4Kids in Sport for the Walking with the Legends Charity Golf Day.

RACQ has partnered with Aspiration4Kids in Sport to host the Walking with the Legends Charity Golf Classic on Friday 3 May to raise funds for kids facing barriers to playing their favourite sport.

A4K Chair Ian Healy and Australian sporting legends Allan Border, Wally Lewis, Andrew Slack, Andy Bichel, Jimmy Maher and Nikki Hudson are just a few of the sporting greats who are set to step onto the green at the Brisbane Golf Club to raise funds and awareness for the organisation.

RACQ Chief Communications Officer Paul Turner said RACQ is proud to be part of helping kids achieve their sporting dreams.

“As a father, and from the results of our programs, I know that education is about more than just what you learn in a traditional classroom,” Mr Turner said.

“Research has shown kids who participate in sport learn important life lessons including discipline, commitment, perseverance, teamwork and leadership.

“It’s also been shown to boost self-esteem, improve communication skills and focus. But most of all, sport is fun!”

Aspiration4Kids in Sport aims to give every young person the opportunity to participate in sport, no matter their circumstances, by providing funding assistance and support services to students who face hardship, disabilities, chronic illness or remote living issues.

“Sport, especially when you excel at it, does come at a cost and the uniforms, equipment training and travel expenses add up quickly,” Mr Turner said.

“Unfortunately, expenses mean many aspiring athletes don’t get the chance to explore their full potential which is why Aspirations4Kids in Sport is such a wonderful organisation.

“Many of the students who have been awarded grants have faced difficulties that people five times their age could never understand.”

The Walking with the Legends Charity Golf Classic will include 18-holes of golf, on course food and beverages, two course dinner, guest speakers, team presentations and awarding the Patterson Hall Cup to the Annual Walking with Legends Golf Classic Champions.

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