Here is the lowdown on new social media platform Vero

Vero is nearing one million users and continues to grow in popularity across the globe.

Vero launched in 2015, originally focused on photography. Now the app has grown in popularity and is nearing one million users. The creators have been firm in claiming the app is nothing like Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook. Here’s what this social media app does.

The co-founder and CEO, Ayman Hariri, points out three features users seem to enjoy the most:

  1. No ads.
  2. No data-mining.
  3. No algorithm.

This means your feed presents posts in a chronological order. Vero is beginning to stand out, as many believe Facebook and Instagram are focusing too much on the money the platform can generate. Users are beginning to describe it as the “anti-Facebook”.

Many also love how easy it is to monitor and change with whom you share your posts. When writing or uploading a post, users can pick to share it with their ‘close friends’, ‘friends’, ‘acquaintances’, or ‘followers’. Users have the ability to turn their followers on and off as they please.

Vero allows users to share their photos, links, books, videos, and music. Similar to other social networks, you have a feed (in this case called a stream) where you can view your network’s posts. This is further refined into categories, such as places, movies/TV, music, links, books, and photos.

Vero originally announced the service will only be free for the first one million users. However, they recently extended the offer to anyone who registers, until further notice. Eventually, a paywall will turn the platform into a subscription service. There has been no word on how much this will cost yet.

Also, the rapid increase in users has brought about some technical issues, however, Vero has a dedicated team working to fix these.

Despite these small issues, the networking app may be worth jumping on to. Many of the users who have been using the application for a while have posted some creative art, music, and photos.