House Husband's Meal Guide

Cut the hours and dollars spent on cooking by creating one dish everyone in the family can enjoy with recipes from former MasterChef contestant, Aaron Harvie.

Written by Harvie, who is also a doting dad, A House Husbands’ Guide Our Meal, Their Meal is designed to simplify the task of satisfying the appetites of both adults and picky little eaters.

Aaron’s first A House Husbands’ Guide cookbook focused on nutritious meals for his then-pregnant wife, making the next logical step a child-friendly food. He explored food from “a Little One’s perspective”, trying to figure out why something was “yummy” or “yucky”. For most parents, those words mean battling tantrums, feeding the crying youngsters anything that will keep them happy and, invariably, preparing one meal for them and another for the grown-ups.

However, Aaron had a lightbulb moment: why prepare two meals, when you only need to make one? Cooking dishes that are as tasty for adults as they are for the kids will save time, money and energy.

Our Meal, Their Meal, the latest in the A House Husbands’ Guide series, features Aaron’s simple, economical and speedy recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the whole family – especially young children. Each cleverly constructed, tried-and-tested meal features a variation that turns one dish into two versions, allowing time-poor parents to spend more time with their children and less time worrying about what they can eat.

Harvie says parents can have spicy prawn and turmeric curry while little ones can have kid-friendly pumpkin and sweet potato curry.

The perfect family cookbook, Our Meal, Their Meal also features tips, tricks and amusing stories that makes Aaron Harvie’s A House Husbands’ Guide series just as much fun to read as it is to cook from.

Aaron Harvie is a MasterChef Australia contestant (Series 2 and All-Stars) and he hosted the lifestyle TV show Love to Share on Channel 10. Aaron’s recipes have featured in many publications including Women’s Health, Women’s Fitness, FHM, Filmink, New Idea, Woman’s Day, NW and OK.

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