How do you mend a broken heart?

With spring fast approaching, statistics say many Aussies loosen their emotional ties in favour of new beginnings both in life and love and end unsatisfying relationships.

There’s a name for everything nowadays and cuffing season, the period over winter where avid singletons find themselves in the throes of a serious relationship to help ease the freezer burn of the cooler months, is officially coming to an end.

How do you mend the broken hearts left behind? Here's ten ways to leave love behind without the pain.

Have a pity party

Sometimes you just need to sit down and feel sorry for yourself so that you can start to feel better. Nothing is that bad once you stare it straight it the face.

Revel in your independence again

There’s a lot to be said for having control of your life and the television remote control as well.

List your strengths

Nobody knows your strengths better than you. Own them and celebrate.

Help someone else

Be the bigger person and help someone who needs it. You’ll forget about your own problems for a while and it will be worth it.

Have a cry

Let it all out. Get rid of that angst and have a good cry. Yes, it does work.

Make a good and bad list

Which are the things that make you smile and enjoy the sunshine and which ones will see you want to get even with your ex? Checking out his or her Instagram and Facebook feeds is unlikely to help you but having a laugh over a coffee with a new friend probably will. It’s simple really.

Get active

Physical activity will give your grief immediate relief. Go running, swimming, walking or kick boxing to increase your serotonin levels and take charge of your mind and body. It will help you feel good.

Try something new

Take an art class, join a book club, learn to scuba dive or try anything else that you never did with your former love interest.

Eat cookie dough

It’s true – heartbreak does sour your physical taste which means you crave sweet, palatable and energy-dense treats. Improve your state of mind and eat Cookie Doh Co.’s extra sweet limited edition Heartberry & White Chocolate edible cookie dough flavour which combines sweet and tarty raspberries with velvety Belgian white chocolate and edible candy heart pieces. This is an eat anytime-anywhere treat free from eggs and pasteurised substitutes which can sit unrefrigerated in ambient temperatures for up to two weeks.

Love again

There are six billion people on the planet, one of them is going to be your next partner. Believe it and make it happen.