How much exercise you need to burn off your favourite treats

They might be small but chocolate treats can be big on calories.

Even though Easter was a few weeks ago, many of us are still snacking on a stock of chocolate treats. These sugar-filled delights can pack a lot of calories, so here is how much exercise you’ll need to do to lose the extra weight.

Easter bunny eggs

A 200-gram standard Easter bunny contains about 890 calories. You’ll need to do at least two hours of slow running, or an hour on a cross-trainer at a solid pace.

Caramello eggs

 Just two of those sweet Caramello eggs hold almost 120 calories, which requires about 15 minutes on a rower or ten minutes on a cross-trainer. Try to eat smaller hollow chocolate eggs rather than eggs filled with sweet cream.

Crème eggs

Creme eggs have about 170 calories, so you’ll need to go for a brisk 45-minute walk or spend 20 minutes on a cross trainer.

Lindt bunnies

Those sweet little gold covered Lindt bunnies with the bell around their neck, pack a big calorie punch. They hold a staggering 542 calories per 100g of milk chocolate. So you'll need to fit in two cycling classes to compensate.

Hot cross buns

Who doesn’t enjoy a hot-cross bun or two? Even without the butter, a hot cross bun packs 143 calories. But most of us enjoy them with butter melted on top, or spread on a cold bun. They will cost you though, as you'll want to be doing at least 30 minutes of jogging to burn off the excess fat. If you prefer a choc-chip bun, be prepared to do a Zumba class to burn off those extra calories.