How to help animals in your local community

There are many ways that you can help animals and wildlife in your community.


There are so many volunteer positions with Animal Welfare League Queensland (AWLQ). These include:

  • Animal transfer driver.
  • Events and fundraising assistant.
  • Vet clinic attendant.
  • Laundry attendant.
  • Dog and cat attendant.

Every role within the organisation assists to make animals lives better and happier. Other organisations you might like to look into include Animals Australia, RSPCA, Pet Rescue and the Australian Wildlife Conservancy.

Advocate for animals

Everyone has a voice and you can make the most of yours by advocating for change within your community. There are a number of organisations fighting for animal rights, covering both domestic and wild animals. Many current and future dog owners are unaware of the number of dogs being bred with exaggerated physical features. These breeding systems impacts on the dog’s health and their ability to breathe and give birth.

Participate in fundraising

If you can’t volunteer regularly, then participating in and helping with fundraising events is the next best step. Raising money for a cause you are passionate about can be rewarding. Each animal organisation hosts its own fundraising events every year.


If you are considering adding a new furry family member, remember to adopt, not shop. By adopting a pet you are giving them a second chance at life. Head down to your local shelter and meet all of the available pets. Many people find it surprising at how full the shelters are.

If you are adopting a pet through AWLQ, your new family member will have to undergo health and behaviour assessments prior to adoption. All adopted pets are de-sexed, vaccinated, microchipped, and worm and flea treated. Find out why you should consider adopting a senior cat or dog here.

Foster care

If you aren’t ready to take the step to adopt, or in the right place to make a life-long commitment to a pet, then fostering may be perfect for you. AWLQ and other rescue organisations often offer a program for fostering. Fostering requires you to temporarily look after an animal at your own house until they find a home.


AWLQ and RACQ are proudly working together to help Queensland pets. RACQ is offering 3 months free pet insurance when you either adopt an eligible pet from AWLQ or are a customer of an AWLQ vet clinic.