Keep your pets safe this storm season

Storm season can be a stressful time for your furry friend.

As Queenslanders, we’re all aware of the devastating affect storms can have on property. But our pets can suffer too with the number of runaway pets spiking in the stormier months, according to the AWLQ.

Storms can also cause your pet to act out, which usually has nothing to do with disobedience, so it’s important to put yourself in your pet’s shoes to understand why they are misbehaving.

Here are some tips from AWLQ to ensure your pet stays calm and happy during a storm.

Bring your pet indoors

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor pet, make sure they’re indoors when the showers start. Shelters struggle with the influx of lost pets that have panicked and run away so keeping them indoors minimises the risk of escape.  

If your pet becomes overly stressed, find them a safe and enclosed space to wait out the storm or try a Thundershirt – the comforting pressure may help to alleviate excess anxiety.

Stay with your pet

They may not always show it (cat owners will understand) but your pet loves being with you and making sure your pet can see and hear you during thunderstorms will dramatically reduce its stress level. If you aren’t able to be home with your pet, see if your friends or neighbours are able to take care of them.

Engage in normal activities

Not only is it calming for your pet to be near you but seeing you complete normal activities will show them there is no reason to be afraid. You can even distract them with their favourite toys or treats so they relate storms with play time.

Don’t tether your pet

If you are unable to bring your pet inside, tethering them may seem like a good option, however if your pet is prone to excessive anxiety they may harm themselves and destroy property in their panic. 


 In the case of natural disasters such as flooding and cyclones, don’t forget your pet – if conditions aren’t safe for people then they aren’t safe for animals either. The Queensland Government has a fact sheet on preparing your pets for disasters here.

Learn more about keeping your pet safe from bushfires here.

Visit the RACQ pet centre here for more tips on how to care for your pet.