Life insurance for a mature family

With your children a little older you’re finally able to achieve some of your other important life goals. Find the right RACQ Life Insurance cover to help protect who you care about most.

Your family is growing up and you and your partner continue to work hard. Now’s the time to put in place protection for those you love. At RACQ Life Insurance we’ve got you covered. Find out the steps you can make to help protect your family today.

Your life:

With your children getting older and your career more secure, your household income could start to peak and your child-rearing responsibilities may be less time-consuming.

Your finances:

You’re starting to reach the height of your earning potential and your financial responsibilities may be easing.

Why do I need life insurance?

You’ve worked hard over the years and have achieved a lot, both personally and financially. You may feel your wealth is more secure at this time but it’s still important to protect and secure your finances and your family.

What can you do to help protect your mature family?

Review your life and income insurance options

With your assets and debts changing through the years, it’s important to review your life and income insurance options to find out if they still meet your needs and lifestyle.

Need to update your life insurance policies?

Life Insurance quote

Other ways you can help protect your family