Look to the stars to save

Appliance star ratings can help reduce your energy bill.

Energy Minister Dr Anthony Lynham said Queenslanders wanting to save on their power bills should look for the number of stars on energy efficient stickers.

The more stars an appliance has the cheaper it will be to run.

“Whether you’re buying a new air conditioner to stay cool this summer or a fridge in the sales, counting the stars will help reduce power use and cut power bills,” Dr Lynham said.

“Ideally an appliance with a four-star energy rating or higher is best bang for your buck.

Dr Lynham said affordable, energy efficient appliances were widely available.

“Take the time to do the maths as an appliance with a low energy rating might be cheaper to buy but it may cost you more in the long run in higher power bills.

“Advances in technology and consumer demand have significantly brought down the price of appliances with higher energy efficiency rating.

“While most energy efficiency labels include a rating out of six stars, appliances with extremely high energy efficiency have an additional rating giving a score out of ten stars,” Dr Lynham said.

Energy efficiency stars can be found on TVs, washing machines, clothes dryers, dishwashers, fridges, freezers, air conditioners, computer monitors and pool pumps.

With air conditioners, fridges, freezers and pool pumps working overtime in Queensland during the summer months, Dr Lynham said it was a great time of year to consider energy efficient practices. 

“A few simple strategies can help keep your power bills in check this summer such as using ceiling fans for cooling instead of air conditioning and using an energy efficient pool pump and timer,” he said.

Reduce your summer energy usage

  • Consider using ceiling fans as they’re significantly cheaper to run than air conditioners.
  • You can save up to 10% off cooling costs for each degree your raise the temperature of your air conditioner.
  • Clean the filters on your air conditioner to ensure it’s running as efficiently as possible.
  • Connect your hot water system to an off-peak tariff (Tariff 31 or 33) to save on water heating costs.
  • Consider installing a solar hot water system which can use up to four times less electricity than electric storage hot water systems.
  • Use an energy efficient pool pump and time, which can save you up to 80% of your pool running costs.Connect your pool and spa to an off-peak tariff to save up to 19% on running costs.

Follow the Queensland Government’s tips to reduce energy usage around your home.

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