Meet Australia's wildlife in Mackay

Unique animal encounters in their natural habitat.

As Australians, we take great pride in celebrating our unique native wildlife. Distinctively Australian wildlife adorn our coins, coat of arms, and lend their names to our national sporting teams. A trip to the Mackay region offers the chance to encounter many of our native wildlife in their natural habitats.

With international borders closed for the foreseeable future, Africa’s “Big Five” animals may be off limits. Luckily Mackay has its own wildlife viewing bucket list. 

How do you go about seeing some of Australia’s most famous animals in the wild? First, you’ll need a good place to come home to after a day’s exploration. Coral Cay Resort is conveniently located near the centre of Mackay and offers spacious rooms, a resort style pool and a bar and restaurant serving delicious South Pacific-style cuisine. 

Arguably Australia’s most iconic animal, kangaroos and their wallaby cousins grace the beach of Cape Hillsborough each morning. The sights of wallabies and kangaroos feeding before a Coral Sea sunrise are moments you’ll never forget. 

Kangaroo on beach mackay

Trading the sun and sand of Cape Hillsborough for the rainforests of Eungella National Park brings with it the opportunity to marvel at the most peculiar platypus. The viewing decks of Broken River makes spotting platypus easy.

Further west of Mackay, amongst the dry scrublands and woodlands around Nebo, are more of Australia’s famous wildlife. Mobs of emus can often be spotted from the road, whilst eagle-eyed visitors may even catch a glimpse of koalas snoozing amongst the eucalyptus trees. 

Introducing your family to the wildlife of the Mackay region will not only create lifelong memories but will help inspire the protection of our native flora and fauna.