Mobile Member Centre undergoes major overhaul

High-profile trailer has fresh new look.

RACQ’s Mobile Member Centre (MMC) has been overhauled and is waiting to hit the road again.

The rebuild was originally meant to make some configuration changes but RACQ Manager Fleet Centre Operations Nigel Scott said once work got under way it became a bigger job than first thought.

“We learned there was quite significant water damage so the trailer was stripped back to the bare bones and rebuilt from the skeleton up,” he said.

“Once that was completed the trailer was fitted out to mirror the new One RACQ store format with wood panelling and similar design features.

“Aside from the aesthetic changes we improved access with new stairs, added public Wi-Fi and mobile phone charging stations (both very important additions for disaster response), new touchscreens and a visitor tracking counter on new doors will allow us to record the number of visitors.”

The man who sits behind the wheel, MMC Coordinator Keith Cassidy can’t wait to get back out on the open road.

“It’s been a quite a long time now that we’ve had the trailer off the road,” he said.

“But it will be worth it as it gave us time to put a lot of thought into the design and working with the Technology team has allowed us to future-proof new equipment.”

The MMC was developed after Cyclone Larry hit North Queensland in 2006.

It was originally built for the Victorian Government and used to promote its MyKi public transport smartcard.

RACQ bought it from a machinery dealer in Perth, its second owner, who had been trying to sell it in the mining industry.

Since then it has since travelled to disaster sites and community events across Queensland.

Mr Cassidy said all events involving the MMC were cancelled because of the impacts of the coronavirus

“The only reason we might use it at present is for disaster response,” Mr Cassidy said.

In preparation, he has been busy restocking the MMC in readiness for when restrictions are lifted and he can hit the highway.