My Lounge Brisbane International Airport

Killing time at the airport just got a whole lot more comfortable.

Having to arrive at the airport more than two hours prior to an international flight is one of the things I most dislike about international travel. Sometimes I think it’s a conspiracy to bore passengers to death so we’ll impulse buy duty-free ‘bargains’.

So when I passed through check in, security and immigration in record time on a recent trip to the UK I wasn’t too keen on spending more than an hour and a half killing time before my flight.

Entrance at My Lounge Brisbane airport

Luckily, the new pay-per-use My Lounge had just opened at Brisbane International Airport (BNE) so I stopped by to see whether it’s worth forking out for lounge access.

Operated by British airport lounge operator No1 Lounges with partner Virgin Australia, My Lounge is more focused on holiday makers than traditional business class travellers.

This means open plan spaces that feel more like a modern café or hotel lobby than an airport lounge.

Table at My Lounge Brisbane airport

Each seating area – ranging from comfy sofas to dining tables and bar stools – features free WiFi and charging ports, as well as the latest magazines and newspapers.

Travellers transiting through BNE can also take advantage of My Lounge’s showers, complete with fluffy towels, toiletries and hair dryers.

My Lounge offers a self-serve hot and cold grazing menu, including full meals such as pasta and meatballs, which was nicer than any of the overpriced airport meals I’ve had.

My favourite part of the lounge experience was the barista-made coffee (so much nicer than the $9 warm milk that passes for coffee at the airport café) and the mix-your-own-cocktail open bar. 

Bar at My Lounge Brisbane airport

With a pink gin and tonic in hand, I settled in to read a few magazines and play a couple of games of foosball (I lost badly) and, before I knew it, it was time to board my flight.

Adding lounge access to your trip may seem like an unnecessary expense but, when you think about how much you’d usually pay for a meal, coffee and a couple of beers at the airport, the cost ($60-$70 without RACQ member discount) is well worth it.

I’ve already booked My Lounge for my next overseas adventure.

View at My Lounge Brisbane airport

RACQ members can save 20% on lounges and pre-flight hospitality across Australia and the UK with No 1 Lounges.