Norfolk Island must-dos

Norfolk may only be small in size, but there is plenty to see and do in the quirky island paradise.

Island sunset fish fry

Watch one of Norfolk Island’s spectacular sunsets, enjoy a dinner of the freshest of fresh fish and local produce, and be entertained by a display of Polynesian dancing.

Murder mystery dinner

Get picked up by bus and taken to one of Norfolk’s historic homes where, dressed in character, you use your powers of deduction to solve an historic island murder. A fun evening with a delicious dinner thrown in.

Breakfast bushwalk

This is a truly spectacular but still leisurely 3.5km walk from the pine forests of the National Park, across the cliff tops, to the Captain Cook Monument. Once you’ve taken in the views and identified the place where Captain Cook came ashore, you’re more than ready for the barbecue breakfast with, yes, even more beautiful ocean views.


The Norfolk Island Museum is housed in three buildings at Kingston – No.10 Quality Row, (a beautifully-restored Georgian house), the Pier Store (which holds artefacts from HMS Sirius, flagship of the First Fleet, which ran aground on the nearby reef) and the Commissariat Store (with a fascinating and grim collection of whips, leg irons and other gruesome instruments of convict torture).


Wander through this bleak but beautiful cemetery and the history of the island will be brought to life. Or take a guided tour to hear the stories behind the gravestones.

Fletcher’s mutiny cyclorama

This Cyclorama is a 360-degree giant panoramic painting conceived by Norfolk Islander Marie Bailey, a descendant of Fletcher Christian. With sound effects and music, the Cyclorama follows the story of the Bounty and its crew, from 1780s Portsmouth to Tahiti, and from there to Pitcairn where the ship was burned, culminating with the journey of the mutineers’ descendants to Norfolk Island.

Island half-day tour

You can drive around and explore the island yourself, but if you really want to know everything about Norfolk, take a half-day tour and get an insider’s knowledge.

St Barnabas

At the end of Headstone Road, you will find St Barnabas Chapel. Built in 1880, the soaring roof is designed like the keel of a ship and the large beams are made out of Norfolk pine treated with whale oil. The ornate, stained glass Rose Window was made by the famous William Morris firm in England. Even if you’re not religious, you’ll be awed by the beauty of St Barnabas.

Bird watching

As a remote island, Norfolk is home to a fascinating population of land, water and marine birds, with many found nowhere else in the world. Margaret Christian, author of the acclaimed Norfolk Island... the birds, conducts a Bird Finder Tour to birdwatching spots, while sharing knowledge about the island’s feathered inhabitants.


Join a Greenfingers Tour through local gardens and talk to local gardeners. Or visit the Norfolk Island National Park and Botanic Garden to see some of the most unusual island plants in the world.

And finally...

Walk (or toss a ball) along the island’s cricket pitch – the oldest in the southern hemisphere, with the first match played in 1838.

By Suzanne Monks


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