Pet feature: Radar the kelpie

Radar finally found his forever home with RACQ Claims Management Officer, Diana Allen.

Diana talks to RACQ Living about her five year old kelpie cross, Radar, who she describes as a sensitive and affectionate dog despite his history of neglect.

What is Radar’s history?

Radar was rescued from a dog hoarder in Esperance, WA, when he was approximately one year old. 

After being in foster care with a volunteer he was adopted out by someone who basically lied to the rescue organisation. This person said they were looking for a pet, but they wanted a guard dog and they left him alone and chained up every night at their workshop in Coolgardie. 

He was then adopted by a lady in Perth, but that didn't work out as she had also just adopted a small puppy, so she gave him back. 

By the time we adopted Radar he had been in foster care for almost a year, so he was well and truly ready for his 'forever home'.

What made you want to adopt him?

We needed another friend for our corgi, Trixie, as we had to put her elderly brother to sleep. I really wanted to give a rescue dog a home and I felt this was the perfect opportunity   as Trixie was used to having a larger male dog as a companion. 

We were living in Perth at the time and Radar was approximately 600km away in Kalgoorlie.  My husband said it was a long way and that perhaps I should try to find a dog closer to home but there was just something about Radar.

I had a couple of lengthy phone conversations with his rescue organisation and then decided to make the trek up to Kalgoorlie with Trixie in our old Landcruiser Troop Carrier.

Trixie and Radar

What was Radar like when you adopted him?

Radar was in good physical condition when we adopted him, but he was a bit emotionally scarred from his rough early life and two false starts at adoption. 

When he first met my husband, he just stood there and barked at him which was unusual because my husband has a way with dogs, they generally love him at first sight. 

Does Radar travel and do you have any road trip tips for dog owners?

Radar loves going ‘tatas’ in the truck and I think the ‘Troopie’ is like his second home because our first night as a family was me, Trixie and him sleeping in the back of the car. 

Just like humans, dogs need regular breaks on long drives so getting out for a stretch, a drink and a toilet break is essential. I also find having familiar bedding is good, even a blanket can help them settle.

Sleeping Radar

How has Radar affected your life?

It’s been so rewarding having Radar come into our lives. 

He has his quirks, like a lot of rescues, but his capacity to show affection after being neglected is inspiring and worth the effort to help get him there. 

My life would not be the same without him.

Visit Animal Welfare League Queensland to adopt your own fur baby here.

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