Podcast popularity on the rise

More Australians are listening to podcasts than ever before.

Since the year 2000, podcasts have been slowly emerging in international media circles. Now nearly 10 years on, the podcasting trend is making waves in Australia.

ABC’s recent Corporate Tracking Study on podcast listening behaviours in Australia revealed consumer data and insights from 2879 Australians aged 18-75 years old.

The results show that podcast awareness is very high, with 91% of respondents claiming to be aware of podcasts and 33% admitting to listening to a podcast in the last month.

In terms of demographic profile, most Australian listeners are from New South Wales (33%), Victoria (24%) and Queensland (15%), the major population centres, and tend to live in a capital city rather than a rural or regional area.

Female listeners are dominating the platform, with 65% claiming to be listening more to podcasts this year.

Those aged 25-34 years are listening the most and said they tuned in at home or on their daily commute.

Not only are more people listening to podcasts they are also listening more frequently, with 65% claiming to have listened in the past 24 hours, an 8% increase from last year.

The big question is – why are Australians showing more interest in the trend?

The smartphone and Apple iTunes have played a vital role in offering a platform for podcasts, with 74% of respondents claiming to use a smartphone to listen. The smartphone has enabled consumers to be mobile while listening.

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  8. TED Talks Daily
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  10. The Misfits Podcast 

Source: iTunes